10 Ways to a Healthier Life

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10 Ways to a Healthier Life

A few phrases – 10 of them – on how to maintain a good and healthy life-style, were created by a famous 16th century Korean Scholar. Without having had any first-hand knowledge related to modern medicine (roughly 500 years ago), his past statements (teachings and recommendations), looking back now, seem to be remarkably spot-on.

Translated into English, by the Kievalo Research Institute, here’s this famous scholar’s — and we will get to his name in just a minute — Top 10 List (secrets, lessons, ways, and/or teachings) for how to maintain a healthier life. Check them out. They are first shown in English; and then presented in Korean with dual use of Chinese characters for our bi-lingual readers.

Ten-Ways to A Healthier Life  (Words of Wisdom from the 16th Century)

  1. Eat less red meat; and enjoy more vegetables.
  2. Reduce the frequency of feeling anger; and enjoy laughter more often.
  3. Ride cars (horse-drawn carriages) less often; and frequently walk.
  4. Make a habit of eating smaller portions of food; and chew more before swallowing.
  5. Try to minimize deep worrying (anxiety); and increase the joy of better sleep.
  6. Decrease salt in-take; and eat more vinegar(s).
  7. Wear thinner (less) clothes (for movement); and bathe more often (for hygiene).
  8. Don’t be excessively greedy (less greedy); and perform good deeds more often.
  9. Eat less sugar; and consume more natural fruits.
  10. Be less talkative (use less words); and act (take action) more often.

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Now, the name of this scholar, who wrote these words (i.e., 10 four-lettered phrases shown above in the white box), is Yi I  (1536-1584). The way to pronounce his name is by saying the English letter “E” twice (as in saying A,B, C, D, E). Hence, his name when read (said/sounded) out loud is E-E (이이/李珥/Yi-I).

At this point, you might want to ask, how really famous was/is he? Well, this gentleman was/is so famous that his face (portrait) appears on today’s 5,000 Korean Won banknote after having passed away approximately 500 years ago – that’s how famous.

150101 health-EE-portraitWhat do you think? Not exactly Dr. (Mehmet) Oz, right? Do you see anything worthy of practice today? If you were to walk away and remember just one of them, what would that one be?

Does Number 2 —not to get angry (upset) too often, and to laugh more frequently — stick out the most? After all, there’s a saying which says that, “laughter is the best medicine,” right?  According to an article which appeared in the New York Times (September 11, 2011), Laughter produces Endorphines – which is a good thing. Next time, when you see (or pick-up) a 5,000 Korean Won banknote, would you try to think of Yi I  (E-E) and some of his sayings?

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