Run 10k (21k) – We Run Seoul


Run 10k (21k) – We Run Seoul

Runners, young and old, ran to finish the “Nike We Run Seoul” event on the streets of Seoul yesterday (Sunday, October 26, 2014) with an estimated 30,000 participants. The Nike “Global We Run Series” will be held in 18 cities this year worldwide – an event which has inspired athletes to shoot for, and achieve, their personal best.


In Seoul, the 21k (black jersey) run was added to the already popular 10k (yellow jersey) run beginning this year. If you’re a runner, or someone who’s trying to get back into shape, this could be the event that you’ve been waiting for. Below is a list of the 18 cities and dates for this year.

Seoul’s first Nike “We Run” race was held in 2010. In other words, this year (2014) was the fifth straight year for Seoul to be apart of this international race event. Can’t wait until next year’s event comes around again.


♦ Nike Global We Run Series (2014) – 18 cities and date schedule ♦

  • Aug 30: We Run Prague
  • Sept 14: We Run Moscow
  • Sept 28: We Run Istanbul
  • Oct 5: We Run Paris
  • Oct 12: We Run Milan
  • October 26: “We Run Seoul”
  • Nov 2: Soweto Marathon
  • Nov 15: We Run Monterrey
  • Nov 16: We Run Guadalajara
  • Nov 16: We Run Guatemala
  • Nov 22: We Run Montevideo
  • Nov 29: We Run Bangkok
  • Nov 30: We Run Mexico City
  • Dec 6: We Run Santiago
  • Dec 13: We Run Jakarta
  • Dec 31: We Run Rome
  • Dec 31: We Run Madrid
  • Feb 1 (2015): We Run Kuala Lumpur

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