The best of “Korean Cuisines and Cooking” with Maangchi


The best of “Korean Cuisines and Cooking” with Maangchi

One of the absolutely best and most comprehensive YouTube channels out there – dealing with home-made Korean food, eating and cooking today – is from a person who goes by the nickname of “Maangchi”. Who is Maangchi (you ask)? Well, if you haven’t heard of “Maangchi” (and/or her YouTube channel) yet – now you have.

Maangchi (meaning “hammer” in Korean) had first posted a short clip of herself cooking Korean food on YouTube on April 9, 2007 – just for fun. Now a few years later, voila, she’s racked up over 421,000 subscribers; and a total of slightly under 47 million hits (views) and 218 uploaded videos so far – impressive numbers.


The best part, about her videos, is that they’re all produced in English – so you can understand and catch her recipes. Her channel is all about cooking, eating, and enjoying Korean cuisine with family and friends.

If you’re someone who had once lived in South Korea and now have returned back to your home country — or if you’re a Korean person, for example, studying or living abroad without somebody to help you cook — Maangchi, and her cooking videos, could be of value to you and your tummy.

As you listen to (and watch some of) her videos, you’ll feel a level of excitement and Maangchi’s enthusiasm peppered with a special passion for further flavor. Her love for sharing and cooking Korean food is so far unparalleled on YouTube.

♦ Sampler: How to Make Bibimbap (on YouTube by Maangchi) ♦

Here’s a sample of one of many Maangchi’s online cooking lessons. This particular video deals with making “Bibimbap” or better yet “Bi-Bim-Bap”.

♦ Say it: How to say “Bibimbap” in Korean (on YouTube by Maangchi) ♦

Not only does Maangchi share with you her recipes, she also helps us pronounce Korean food names properly so that you’ll be able to “order” the food at a Korean restaurant without getting the orders mixed-up. Here’s her lesson on how to say (and write) Bibimbap in Korean:

♦ Learn more about “Maangchi” ♦

You can learn more about Maangchi, and cooking Korean food, by visiting her website  –  click HERE.

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