Korean Movies: 83 of them with English Subtitles


Korean Movies: 83 of them with English Subtitles


The fascinating world of cinema can provide insight into the thoughts, feelings, imagination and values of those who have made and consumed them at theaters nationwide. For foreign made movies, an argument over the ability to indirectly obtain insight into another culture can be made as viewers watch such movies from home (online) and set first experiences (initial encounters) as a beginning point for learning and understanding a completely different culture.

A major problem with watching foreign movies, though, is language. Well, and remarkably, the Korean Film Archive has translated 83 movies for you — all with English sub-titles — and has provided them for public viewing on YouTube. If you have the interest and/or curiosity, you’ll be able to spend days, if not weeks, watching all of these movies which were first release from a period in between the 1950s to 1990s.

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To start, a link to the movie called “Love Marriage” in English from 1958 (more than 55 years ago) is provided from YouTube as one “taste” example from the menu of 83. The background of this movie, clothes (a mixture of traditional Korean and western attire), the life-style of a medical doctor’s family from back in the day, and the scenery from the late 1950s of Korea is also quite interesting to see from a learning perspective.

During this period after the Korean War, many young couples were still obliged to wed under a “fixed-by-an-adult-family-members-type-of-arrangement” marriage system; and Korea was transitioning into a society where “dating” before getting married was slowly becoming more socially acceptable as a wedding custom. It is also worth mentioning and intriguing to see that many of the street signs in the capital city of Seoul, 55 years ago, and in the movie had used many more Chinese characters compared with today.

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♦ Food for Thought 

With a sharp increase of cross-cultural and inter-racial marriages on the rise over the past few decades, a window into one aspect of Korean culture — in the form of these theater movies — may provide some help to non-Koreans who wish to further understand his/her spouse and/or their Korean family.

These movies may also indirectly provide assistance to Korean-Americans and/or Korean-Europeans and/or to those who have had at least one parent, or grandparent, that originally came from Korea by adding a rich flavor of both cultural context and content (i.e., frame of reference) toward better understanding them and where — with what type of a background — they’re coming from.

♦ Language Footnote 

  • Love Marriage // 자유결혼 // 自由結婚  (Note: Today the Korean term of “연애결혼” is primarily used. In other words, people no longer use the term 자유결혼)

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